Not for the faint hearted; the curiosity store.

The reason I dedicate my first blog entry ever to this store, is clear. It is my all time favourite shop in The Hague, if not the country.

The first time I set foot in Mr. Dekkers' store, I wasn’t sure if this feast of strange and unique objects were maybe part of a museum, rather than a shop.  Inuit art, shells, minerals, skulls and preserved animals of all sorts-including a penguin – make up this amazing pallette of natural history.

A seemingly innocuous rock, turns out to be a seven billion year old meteorite.  That’s right, seven billion years! That’s before earth even came about.  I just can’t stop staring at the Victorian chest with 20 colourful birds, prepared in 1860.

Rest assured, the taxidermist will not sell animals that were killed to be stuffed, but does allow us to enjoy their beauty long after they’ve passed!

Rariteiten Kabinet

Korte Molenstraat 23,
2513 BM Den Haag

Open Wednesday – Saturday, 12.00-18.00